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Boiler Installation and Replacement in Your Area

Over time, boilers can become less efficient and become more and more unreliable, with the cost of repairs and breakdowns and loss of heating or hot water taking a heavy strain on personal finances.

Modern boilers are far more reliable and efficient, lasting longer than older models, with cheaper ongoing running costs. Once a boiler becomes not only inefficient, but unreliable, it is highly recommended that it is replaced.

Many people choose a boiler replacement for this reason, but also a new boiler can be considered for environmental reasons – modern boilers are known to be much more energy efficient with efficiency ratings over 90% in comparison to 50% in some older boilers, offering a payback in just a few years as well as be kinder to the environment. For instance, by replacing an old boiler with a top rated condensing boiler and a full set of heating controls you can save up to 1,200kg of CO2 a year.

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